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Google’s New Privacy Policy

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Don’t want Google to combine all of your personal data into one big heap? Erase your history now!

You’ve likely heard that Google is instituting a new privacy policy on March 1. Under the policy, Google will create one massive hub of your personal web proclivities, culled from across more than 60 products that it owns. From your activities on an Android phone to the videos you watch on YouTube, all of the separate bins of data the company has collected on you will be combined into one massive user profile.

Naturally, Google emphasizes how keeping a thorough log of your web history will benefit your search results, but the choice to purge your record is up to you. Want to see all of the services that Google will be pulling data from? You can log into your Google dashboard to get a snapshot of how many products under the company’s umbrella are keeping track of you, but be prepared to be a little creeped out.

Don’t want Google to fine tune its advertising based on your personal web habits? While you can’t opt out of the policy or nuke all of your personal data across Google properties in one fell swoop, you can erase your entire web browsing history before the change goes into effect. Here’s how:

Step 1: Pull up your Google web history
Step 2: Hit the pause button to stop your data from being collected moving forward
Step 3: Select the “Remove All Web History” button to do exactly that

Voilà. To learn more about how the company is using your data, you can read Google’s new privacy policy now, on the eve of the changes. You can also follow these instructions to purge your YouTube history.

This article originally appeared on Tecca.

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